Placing an Order

To place an order from, please follow these instructions.

Finding Items

First you will need to choose for the items you would like to order. When you find an item that interests you, click the title of the item to see its detail page. Here you will find more information about the item.

Adding Items to Your Shopping Cart

If you want to order an item, click the “Add to Cart” button on the right side of the detail page. Use the cart’s top navigation bar or the “Return to Home Page” link to keep searching or browsing until your cart contains all of the items you want to order. You can access the contents of your “Shopping Cart” any time by clicking the “View Cart” link at the top of every page of our site.


Review all of the items you’ve placed in your Shopping Cart. If you decide that you don’t want to purchase a particular item, or the quantity is incorrect, click the “remove from cart” link under the title. When you’re ready to order the items in your “Shopping Cart”, click the “Checkout” button. You will be taken to the “License” page where you are required to accept the terms of the license in order to proceed to the “Check Out” page. New customers will be required to “Register” before proceeding to the “Check Out” page (see the “Signing In” section).

Signing In

If you are a new customer you will be required to “Register” before proceeding to the “Check Out” page. Enter the requested information, and click the “Submit Registration” button. (Keep in mind that the e-mail address you provide here will be the only e-mail address to which we can send information about subsequent orders.). If you do not wish to be included in our special offers and news emailing, select the “No” radio button. Before you do this, you should be aware that we never sell or rent your information to any other company, and our biggest discounts are only offered privately in our emails to customers.

Review Your Order

Review all of the items listed in the “Invoice”. If you have a “Coupon Code” enter it now and click on the “Submit” button.

Method of Payment

Let us know how you would like to pay for your order. All orders are charged in Euro on Only we accept Paypal payment method. All orders must be prepaid.

Submit Your Order

Check the accuracy of all of the information you have provided and make any necessary adjustments. When you are ready, click the “Check Out” button to submit your order. Please wait for your paypal account approval which can take a minute or two to process – hitting the stop or back button and the check out button again may result in duplicate charges. Once your order is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation e-mail message.


Unless specified, our products are only delivered via online download links. At the end of the sales process, download links and activation codes are automatically directed to your e-mail address registered in the system.

Returns Policy

The license you are purchasing is NOT TRANSFERABLE at any time. Use of an ‘illegally’ sold copy may result in legal action from the licensor of the sound samples and/or software. For this reason we caution our customers not to purchase copies of our sound samples and /or software from ‘online auctions’ or ‘trading sites’, as these are often illegal copies in violation of the End User License Agreement.

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