All Anatolian Percussion Instruments.

10 different percussion group and more than 60 different percussions. Include 4 round robin cycles. More useful and powerfull midi grooves (include more than 1000). Mixer-Grooves-Main Pages-ADSR controllers and more… With the NKS compatibility.
This library was recorded at in more Professional studios and high quality recording accesories (microphones, amp units, dry recording rooms, high quality percussion instruments and famous percussion players…)
You seen a lot different percussion plug-instruments ,when you are using to our Vst- instrument you feel the difference and quality. We says we are different. Because we have more experience about the to these percussions instruments.
And we knew that; We are aware that you have been bored with the same instruments and samples and loops for years.

The home page allows you to select instrument types and adjust ADSR settings. LED signs showing the instruments currently playing will help you to recognize the instruments.

The Grooves List Page is a browser with a hook library of organized MIDI grooves that can be used to quickly create percussion parts for a song or production. You can edit several parameters to change the beats, and all grooves can be dragged into your host.

The Mixer page has the same microphone level and panning controls as a real mixing board, as well as a large selection of effects and routing controls. Our mixer page can save to your favorite mixing setup. This panel appears on every page of PERCUSSION OF ANATOLIA, in order to select different mixer page presets while using other parts of the interface. This area performing with the all mixing technic procedure. You don’t need the other suites. Very useful and faster gui.

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